Tavan Sanat, relying on its experienced specialists and is active in the field of Material Handling Equipment.

We assure you with our products in the field of material handling, maximum efficiency in time will be spent.

Tavan Sanat products include the following:

Construction of Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane and special structures, the construction of conveyor belts, chain, hoists, cranes brands provide Demag, Stall, Podem and … Provision of equipment and parts including motor, gearbox, power cranes and crane remote control.



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Tavan Sanat has always tried to be tested and effective forces on the basis of knowledge and experience in the field of mobility and transport, give an answer worthy of your customers’ needs. That we are proud of our many years of satisfaction to your customers and take steps in line with other artisans in order to promote the country.

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