Chain hoist

Chain hoists are two types: manual hoists & electrical hoists. in chain hoist interface between the hook and system is chain. Due to a large space used for chain, this hoist is built with limited capacity (up to 20 tons) and hook height (6m).

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From far old, human being has been in thought to make a device to lift heavy things and move them. Considering monuments such as pyramids and … he produced a device similar to modern jib cranes and it has used them to lift and rivet cubic stones of pyramids. Crane components even before the invention of welding were connected to each other by clinching and have been used.

Increasing human knowledge gradually, they developed. So, nowadays there are various types of cranes which are produced and exploited. In all types of cranes, the load is lifted by a device called as Hoist or Winch. Hoists are generally divided into two categories: Chain Hoists & Wire Rope Hoists


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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