Manual Chain hoist

Manual Chain hoist

Hand-held chain hoists are generally used at low capacities (up to 5 tons) and for the following:

1- In installation operations, usually the workshops are lacking in electricity.

2- In places that are rarely used.

The hook is hooked on these hoists by chain and chain hoists.

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Manual Chain hoist

For many years, human beings have been thinking of making a device to lift and move objects. So that it used to construct historical monuments such as the Egyptian Pyramids and … a device similar to that of modern arm joints and used it to lift and put together pyramid cubic rocks.

Crane components Even before the invention of devices, riveting welding was used and used gradually, with the development of human knowledge, so that today a variety of different types of cranes are being developed and exploited. In all types of cranes, lifting is carried out by a device called lift or winch.


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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