current collector

The contactor is an electrically operated control key used for switching a power or control circuit.

The contactor is very similar to the relay, with the difference that the contactor is used for high ampere applications.

An orbital controller is controlled that has a much lower power level than the circuit board. Unlike a circuit breaker, a contactor is not used to cut off a short circuit. The contactors are available in a variety of sizes and sizes. A small contactor with a 24V DC voltage that can be easily inserted in one hand and capable of cutting off only 1 amp, to a contactor with a width of 1 m (yard) at several kV voltages and a few thousand amperes.

Contactors are used to control various electrical loads, including electromotors, capacitor banks, lighting circuits, electric heaters and other electrical equipment.

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current collector

The contactor consists of four main parts of the blade, the casing, the insulating frame.

The blades of each contactor are divided into two parts. Power blades and steering blades. The main function of the blades is to steer the flow of steam after each boot excitation. The steering blades, as their name suggests, are for use in command circuits. The steering blades are embedded in two normal and open normally enclosures on the contactor body. These blades change the state of the photo after each boot irritation.

The coil is a winding magnetic core that provides the necessary physical connection for conductive electrical contacts.

This section is used to isolate the hazardous and harmful components of the contactor and to protect the lives of those who are in contact with the contactor. Enclosure material is usually made of electrical insulation materials such as Bakelite, Nylon 6 and heat-hardening plastics.

Auxiliary blades are the normal and open-ended steering blades (normally lower and lower), which are mounted on the contactor’s body or on some models next to the contactor body, and this way the blades change with each time the contactor is provoked.


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