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Gusman is the top company in the field of industrial joysticks production in the world.

Gesmon is an international and leading company in the industrial market. The company’s position in the industrial market is due to the focus on creativity and innovation in the manufacture of products and the application of the highest possible standards for quality products.

The products of this company include a wide range of products:

Multi-axis joysticks, dual-use joysticks, complete control units, portable key controls, main joysticks, Limit switches, electro-hydraulic tools and more.

Gusman Joysticks in Iran are of great popularity in terms of quality and durability. The company’s diverse products cover design and performance, depending on the needs of customers, with the vast majority of requirements that most other companies are not able to compete in this area.

Gasman joysticks are widely used in the steel industry.

Consultancy and installation of Gusman joysticks in the specialty of Tavan Sanat Company.




کاتالوگ محصول

نصب و راه اندازی

Tavan Industrial Co. can install all crane systems, including roof, gates, hinges, rails, console and rails according to your requirements according to the standards of the day.

The Tavan Industrial Crane Company offers its services in the field of manufacturing various types of cranes and related components and accessories as follows:

  1. Designing and manufacturing: Overhead cranes – Gantry cranes and semi-gantry cranes – Crane hoisting cranes Pivot crane and wall bracket crane – Single bridge cranes and double bridges – Single brush cranes – Carriage (sub-chassis) – crane chassis, crane and crankcase
  2. Supply of products including: – Selling of all types of chain hoists and wire ropes – Selling mechanical parts of cranes – Electrical and electronic components – Remote control of cranes – Portable weighing systems – Load limiters for cranes – Brush brushes, C Rails, spools and …

All supplies and parts supplied by Tavan Industrial Co. has international standards of DIN, CE, FEM and ….


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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