Special cranes

Special cranes are designed and manufactured according to customer needs. This may be a combination of several types of cranes cranes cranes special. For the mechanical and structural choices are wide span of industries. Dimensions, environmental conditions, type of cargo cranes special design will be considered. This diversity includes certain tonnages capacity, environmental conditions, lifting height, load level, load size, length of time and more.

Special cranes were designed, according to custom requirements are made using special equipment. Major industries such as steel, shipbuilding, aircraft, rail transportation and cranes are often required.

When designing a crane, the following points should be considered:

Type of crane and the way it functions (overhead cranes, gantry, jib, etc.)
The number and frequency of loading
Max displaced weight
Working conditions and the anticipated duration of life Cranes
Mode load, removable materials Dimensions
Environmental conditions and specific conditions (span cranes, lifting height, length, etc.)
Select a crane tailored to working conditions, in addition to being hastened by the State, increase productivity and save costs, can provide safety in the workplace as well. On the other hand, buy cranes that performance is more than enough industrial workshop will be led to disinvestment. This clearly states that consultation, design and construction cranes working in accordance with what is important.

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Install and SetUp

Choosing the proper overhead crane system for your application can be a difficult decision.  In Tavan Crane co., we are expert in applying the correct engineered equipment for your company needs.

An overhead crane typically consists of three important parts:

  • The hoist, providing up/down motion to lift items.
  • The trolley, providing left/right motion for the hoist and load.
  • The bridge, providing back/forward motion for trolley, hoist, and load.

 When considering the purchase of an overhead crane system:

  • What is the service for this system?
  • What is the duty cycle of the systems use?
  • What are the speeds of the system necessary for its use?
  • What is the budget for the purchase?


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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