wire rope hoist

Wire Rope Hoist Interface between the hook and system body in this type of hoists is wire rope which is wrapped on lathed drum. in wire rope hoist Drum rotation leads to hook movement and it works. Due to the diversity of wire rope and its aligning, makes very high capacity (more than 1000 tons) and various hook heights (up to 150 meters) possible. wire rope hoist is built just as electrical.

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Brun-Mech Hoists

These hoists are used in Iran for more than forty years and exploiting in large industrial projects such as Shahid Rajai power plants, Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries, Mobarakeh Steel co, Shasi Sazi e Iran co. and hundreds of other large and small industries all over the country. Due to very high quality and durability of this company equipment at brake, gear box and motor systems and also requiring minimal maintenance, it has special popularity among industrialist and industry managers.

Various models of Brun Hoists allow them to be used at all industries according to customer needs.

Brun equipments has the ability to provide services to the light and heavy industries (power plants to steel industries) with all duty factors from 1Bm to 5Bm in accordance with ISO and FEM international standards.

Brun explosion-proof equipment can be used in petroleum and gas industries according to explosion environment type, gas type and ambient temperature and no request in this field will be left.


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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