Immunization is one of the services of Tavan Sanat Company. Providing safety and technical inspection and technical inspection services for your personnel for daily weekly inspections and … Providing checklists for repairing and installing control and lifting equipment, longitudinal and transverse weighing and collision equipment, replacement of defective parts and repair Bridges, Gearboxes, Wheelsets, Electrical Controls and Steering Systems and Radio Controls to Secure Load Systems.

Our catalog of services

Service Benefits

By providing each piece of equipment, one should expect a failure or defect at a specific time or part. The industry’s technicians are experienced and trained to troubleshoot and repair any type of crane.

Among our services:

  • Installing or removing cranes
  • Consultation and permanent services (even holidays)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Complete repairs and service for cranes and forklifts
  • Preventive maintenance in order to increase the useful life of the equipment
  • Determination and scheduling of inspection periods from 1 to 12 months at customer request
  • Designing and manufacturing machinery and material handling equipment

About the projects

At the beginning of the inspection, the birth certificate is prepared as follows:

  • Crane capacity, Crane manufacturer, Crane model, Crane location, Location, shape and dimensions of longitudinal longitudinal rails
  • And the dimensions of the transverse rail and the characteristics of the bumpers, the type of bridge connections, the length of the crane (Span), the number of
  • The report number and the inspection date and, if there are other items to be recorded in the special cranes, in the technical specifications list.
  • The crane is mentioned. Like arm length in arm cranes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine the capacity to lift the load

Basically, the cranes are named according to their loading capacity, which is nominal capacity with the length of the main canvas, the canopy angle is about 80 degrees. For example:

A 50 ton telescopic crane is capable of lifting 50 tons with the main canopy length (without raising the telescope) at an angle of approximately 80 degrees.

Note: This issue is somewhat different in the dry canopy cranes.

The parameters required to determine the capacity are as follows:

  1. Load weight
  2. Height of loading position from crane surface (length of canvas required).
  3. Load center distance to the center of the crane.

In the event of a change in either of these three, the power of the device is changed.

Advice on buying

According to the company’s policy, the power of the industry in the field of export, competition in foreign markets (neighboring countries) is one of its core programs, so that exports to the following countries are currently carried out:

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