Installation is one of our services in the field of material handling. Including installation: overhead crane, gantry crane, semi-gantry crane, crank arm, installation of all types of cable and chain hoists, longitudinal and transverse motors, crane carriages, as well as installation of console, transmission rails, troubleshooting and alignment Forming rails and installing longitudinal rails, installing various rubber and chain conveyor systems.

Installation of columns and structural modification, installation of longitudinal and transverse electric power systems, installation of electrical switchgear and control systems for cranes, installation of radio control, inverter, control key, longitudinal and transverse cutters, optical and ultrasonic collision systems.

Parsian Power Tire Co., relying on its specialized and experienced personnel in the field of material handling equipment, works with installing groups
In various fields and specialties, he is ready to serve.

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Service Benefits

The Tavan Industrial Crane Company offers its services in the field of manufacturing of various types of cranes and related parts and accessories, as follows:

  1. Design and construction: Overhead cranes – Gantry cranes and semi-gantry cranes – Armored cranes – Pivot crane and wall bracket cranes – Single bridge cranes and double bridges – Single bridges of pendants-frames Types of carriages (sub-chassis) – crane chassis, crane and crankcase
  2. Supply of products including: – Selling of all types of chain hoists and wire ropes – Selling mechanical parts of cranes – Electrical and electronic components – Remote control of cranes – Portable weighing systems – Load limiters for cranes – Brush brushes, C Rails, spools and …

All supplies and parts supplied by Tavan Industrial Co. has international standards of DIN, CE, FEM and ….

  • The main bridge: according to the capacity and opening of the crane in either standard steel or canister and is made in accordance with the standards of FEM and DIN. Box for longitudinal cranes: The box is made in the form of a canister frame and wheel, The bearings and shafts are equipped. The front of the front is equipped with a bumpers and safety equipment to prevent the crash from falling. The crane wheels are equipped with a lubrication system for the bearings and require fewer repairs. These wheels are connected by screws and screws And the nut is closed.

About the projects

Establishing a factory and employing a highly specialized and efficient manpower in various engineering and engineering departments, designing, manufacturing, assembling, R & D, quality control, commerce, and more. While relying on creativity and innovation, the big family managed to bring the industry together to become one of the active industrial units in the country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Crane design

The design of the crane, the following points should be considered:

  1. Type of crane and its performance (overhead crane, gantry crane, crane, etc.)
  2. Number and frequency of downloads
  3. Maximum displaced weight
  4. Working conditions and life expectancy of the crane
  5. Modes of loading, dimensions of removable goods
  6. Environmental conditions and special conditions (openings of cranes, lifting height, length of the route, etc.)

With the expertise, expertise and expertise as well as the technical capabilities necessary, it is always ready to provide specialized consulting services and technical visits, meet the needs of different industries, and, based on their ability to design and manufacture various types of cranes. . Our goals at the company’s Power Crane Company include: building relationships with customers, continuous communication, evaluating and improving products and services. Assessing in-house processes to continuously improve the technical and communication skills of employees as the core capital of the company. Continuous commitment to safety and quality of commitment and adherence to Teamwork Creates more confidence for customers to respond promptly and accurately to customers

Advice on buying

According to the company’s policy, the power of the industry in the field of export, competition in foreign markets (neighboring countries) is one of its core programs, so that exports to the following countries are currently carried out:

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The Power Company has tried to use its best-quality raw materials and advanced equipment to manufacture its own machines and sell its profits.