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Load test

Crane Performance Tests:

These tests should be carried out with the nominal load for all crane movements, including the ceiling, the gate, the arm. Performance tests should be carried out in all directions on the crane with SWL, and after making these tests, it is ensured that all parts They can be driven at specified speeds and tolerances, these tolerances can be 10% ± voltage and design frequency.

Static tests:

Static test of the test is performed with the load over the rated load. In this test, the crane will not be moved (static test). These tests are to make sure that the crane is not difficult to build, operate and operate. After these tests, the results are matched to the design of the crane.

Dynamic tests:

Dynamic testing is carried out with load times more than the rated load for all crane moves. These tests are designed to ensure that the crane is designed in accordance with the structure, stability and suitability of the crane and is tailored to the design of the crankcase.

Trial Test:

The test should be carried out on the bridge of the crane and the height of the car should not exceed 1/750 span.

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Exterior and functional testing of cranes

After carrying the cranes to the site, the packaging of the cranes should open at the inspection of the representative of the inspection company, and prior to installation, the gullies, rails, the parallelism of the longitudinal rails, the status of the corridors and access ladders should be inspected. Should any damage to color, distortion, or any appearance occur during transportation, it must be resolved.

Insulation tests: After installation before connecting the crane to the electrical system, the insulation of electrical systems must be tested and all phases must be checked for all components of the system and components. The insulation resistance of the systems to be tested should be more than 0.5 M Ω. If necessary, to test the other components while testing this test, test one separately.

System Survey: In this case, Earth’s Earth resistance should not be more than 0.5 Ω.

Troll: The trolling should be connected to one end of the bridge to the other end.

Longitudinal movement: The crane must be sufficiently driven to ensure that each gear tines bear longitudinal movement in overload.

After the tests, it should be ensured that there is no cracks, deformities, or damage to the paint that affects the operation and safety of the crane, and must make sure that none of the joints and screws are open.

The company’s power company considers the possibility of inspection in the stages of construction, installation and operation of the employer’s rights:

The buyer is involved in all stages of the construction of the crane and the progression of the project.
The manufacturer is obliged to observe all standard standards and fixes the defects.
In addition to quality control by the quality control unit of the manufacturer, control is also provided by the technical inspection company. These controls include destructive and non destructive testing, raw material analysis, matching of imported products according to the SPEC and valid national and international standards, and so on.

Technical inspection during construction
Technical inspection during installation
Periodic technical inspection
In this section, I will give you an overview of the steps in the above steps, in accordance with the International National Standards.

About the projects

Hard Work Electrical

This electrician has been produced in three types: H, W, and I. The design of the side parts and especially the brushes in this power supply is done in such a way that 100% flexibility eliminates the possibility of any damage to the line.

1- Type H

These electricians are continuously designed and produced in lines of three shawns – four shawns and six shawns and in amprages 50, 75, 100 and 150.

This power supply has the following advantages:

  • Easy and quick installation in portrait and landscape mode and fast line adjustment
  • Installed on arched paths up to 70 cm radius
  • Absence of spark and heat due to continuity and non-interruption
  • No need for the Expansion Joint system due to the existence of an automatic tension unit at the beginning and end of the line
  • High quality and high strength brush and electrical components


2- Type W

This electric power supply is made in single-line and in amps 320, 520 and 800 in 4-meter parts. This high-quality power connector easily replaces the European electronics industry and can supply several lightweight cranes on a single line. In addition, it can be used because of its high strength in the heavy industry and steelmaking factories.

3- Type I

This power supply is designed as a single line and in Amprage 200 continuously. Advantages of using this type of electrician are as follows:

  • Installs vertically and horizontally and adjusts quickly and easily
  • Installed as arched lines in S-U-O and L types
  • No need for Expansion Joint due to automatic stretching
  • No sparking on the line due to continuity


Frequently Asked Questions

Sample installation form for overhead crane

Process name: Install the crane on the siteQuality control plan
Employer: Tavan Sanat Parsian Co.project name:Device number:
rowlevelsOPCControl toolInstructionsControl parametersAcceptance criteriaResponsible for controlNumber of rotationsRegistration method
1Control the beamsMeter, stringTailoring ToleranceStraight Beatles

The alignment of the beams

Slope of beams

The difference between the ends of the balls

Uncertainty in the width of the jump

Ox until Ox beams

Control of the crane after the assembly of the crane and the installation





100%check list
2Installation of longitudinal railsMeter, stringTailoring ToleranceX-rails control over X-rays

Control of the span of two meters to two meters

3Bridge assembly to the head…….ExecutiveReassemblyright
4Installing Longitudinal Engines…….ExecutiveReassemblyright
producer:Seconder:Control status:



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