In the production process, cranes are always worn out, so the crane maintenance and repair system is one of the most important issues in industrial plants.

Maintenance and repair is a set of activities and operations aimed at maintaining, controlling and extending the useful life of equipment, facilities and devices (physical assets) in favorable conditions, or changing them to the optimum conditions and, as far as possible, in accordance with the standard Acceptable, and this requires the establishment of an optimal maintenance system that includes, for example, the planning of maintenance and repairs, the basic and prevention, the prediction and modus operandi of spare parts, the necessary human resources planning, etc. Is included.

Maintenance systems are a set of methods, forms and instructions that meet the above objectives, and helps management to better plan and supervise related affairs, and can be applied to the features Available for maximum use.

In order to expedite the achievement of the goals mentioned above, efforts should be made to establish a dynamic and effective maintenance organization and to increase the coordination between its components.

Maintenance :
A set of activities is specifically designed to maintain and maintain any equipment, machinery, and installations at an acceptable standard with the aim of raising the useful life and preventing their sudden failure, and with This will increase their reliability and availability.

Repairs :
Includes a set of activities that are performed on a system or device that has been crashed or disrupted to be readily operational and ready to perform the task assigned to it.

With the establishment of a mechanism and method in accordance with your organization, the company will provide the best method of maintenance of industrial cranes to maximize the operation and efficiency of the cranes and minimize the stop in the production line.

Tavan Sanat Co., with its own specialist in repairing cranes to repair faults and replacing parts with the best quality and at the right time.

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Tavan Sanat Co., with the availability of up-to-date technical equipment and equipment for repairing cranes on your company’s site, and if necessary, needs to be amended, including repair of rails and main bridge.

The cranes repaired by the inspection company are monitored and they are required to provide the necessary certificates.

In order to prevent damage and the need for repairs:

Establish a preventive maintenance system for cranes
Preventive Maintenance is a systematic, planned and scheduled procedure for maintenance tasks required according to the regulatory plan designed to maintain the optimal conditions for physical assets.

Maintenance of wire towing

Maintenance of wire tow (metal wires)

  1. All sling equipment includes wire rope, rope, cloth or belt and … should be stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  2. When opening and reinstalling the wire rod on the drum and the spool, be sure to wrap and open them properly.
  3. Any change, including how to cut, connect two tow bars, and close corpses, should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Be careful not to drop the tow bar under heavy loads. Protect the wire rod from corrosive chemicals such as acid and other chemical and physical injuries.
  5. The use of a regular lubrication program plays an important role in increasing the lifetime of the towing wire and its safe use.
  6. The fasteners and connecting rods of the wire rope should be based on the manufacturer’s technical specifications and avoid the non-standard twin-wire towing.
  7. Parts of the towing wire that are in the hiding position to be considered for lubrication require special attention.


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Tavan crane Co. can install all crane systems, including roof, gates, hinges, rails, console and rails according to your requirements according to the standards of the day.

Equipment and parts:
Due to the wide variety of cranes in Iran and the presence of various European and Asian companies in the country with different brands and their spare parts, the company is capable of preparing the industry for the preparation of European, Asiatic (Damg, Steele, Knee Crane, Gypsy, Podem , Quito, Alvin, KJ, Hyundai)

Supply of parts:

  1. Electric parts include all types of drives, motors, kabel contactors, remote controls, key fobs, brushes, load cells, power wires, limiter switches, anti-collision and ultraviolet systems, relay control timers and …
  2. mechanical parts including belt types, brake rope towing brakes, brake discs, wheels, shafts, c rails, pulleys and …

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