To update the cranes, Tavan Sanat Company uses special forces and equipment to improve the performance of cranes with respect to the equipment of the day.

Improving the performance of cranes is worn out

Refresh the equipment:

Add Inverter, Radio Control, Ludolymiter, Longitudinal and Transversal Cutters, Collision Systems, Weighing Systems and …

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Construction of a crane

Construction of a crane

In industries, one of the most important issues is to increase the product, reduce production costs and increase efficiency and productivity, improve and develop the methods of transfer and transfer of materials in workshops and factories. Among the systems of displacement and material handling, cranes play a fundamental and strategic role.

Selection of a crane in accordance with the working conditions, in addition to speeding up affairs, increasing efficiency and cost savings, can also provide safety at the workshop. On the other hand, purchasing a girder that is more efficient than an industrial workshop would be a waste of capital. This explicitly states that the importance of consulting, designing and constructing a crane with a job is important.

When designing a crane, the following points should be considered:

  • Type of crane and its performance (overhead crane, gateway, crank and …)
  • Number and frequency of downloads
  • Maximum displaced weight
  • Working conditions and crane life expectancy
  • Load Modes, Removable Goods Dimensions
  • Environmental conditions and special conditions (crane openings, lifting height, length of the route, etc.)
    With the expertise of experienced and expert technicians, as well as the technical facilities necessary, it is always ready to provide specialized consulting services and technical visits, meet the needs of various industries, and, according to that, design and manufacture of various types of cranes Make
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Our goals in the Power Industry Crane Company include:

  • Creating relationships with customers, continuous communication, evaluating and improving products and services
  • Assessing in-house processes for continuous improvement
  • Improvement of technical knowledge and communication of employees as the company’s main assets
  • Permanent commitment to safety and quality
  • Commitment and adherence to teamwork
  • Creating more trust for customers
  • Quick and accurate response to custome


Frequently Asked Questions

Conveyor modernization

Conveyor modernization:

A good conveyor system with appropriate design can have a lifespan of 5 to 20 years. During this relatively long period, the workshop may require changes to the production line. That is, we need to be able to adapt the conveyor system to these modern changes. . For this purpose, worn-out rollers can be replaced or replaced by damaged lateral frames.

Replacing electronic sensors with mechanical sensors makes the weight of the packets fit and control better.

The lines of the conveyor can be equipped with drives that have resting mode, compression mode, variable speed, and thus improve the flow of materials. Ultimately, if we replace traditional engines with modern pulleys, we can reduce the amount of noise to a significant degree, which also reduces costs.

The need to transport bulk materials, especially at long distances, high tonnages and in different routes, is the main factor in using conveyors. Consequently, the conveyor industry needs to be in line with other systems manufacturing and design technologies. In modern executive programs, traditional and end-of-life equipment for conveyors (in a variety of curves, etc.) needs to be substantially modified. For example, in a complex operation on digital tools, it is necessary to use advanced conveyors And modernized.

Advice on buying

According to the company’s policy, the power of the industry in the field of export, competition in foreign markets (neighboring countries) is one of its core programs, so that exports to the following countries are currently carried out:

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The Power Company has tried to use its best-quality raw materials and advanced equipment to manufacture its own machines and sell its profits.