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crane electrical panel

In crane movement control systems, they are used.

An engine is a kind of electric car that converts electricity into mechanical motion. AC motors are the most commonly used motors for simple, robust design, low cost, low cost maintenance and easy and complete connection to an AC power source.

For cranes, high-power engines require three-phase induction motors. These motors use the phase difference between the phases of the multiphase power supply to create a rotating electromagnetic field inside them. Through electromagnetic induction, the rotating magnetic field in these conductors is induced, which results in a balanced magnetic field and causes the motor to move in the direction of the flow of the field. One of the advantages of three-phase motors is having a constant and independent torque of time, which makes the engine smooth and protects the impact of torque changes during operation in single-phase motors, with longer lifetime and higher efficiency than It will have single phase motors.

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electrical panel

A car consists of a power source and a power transmission system that provides a certain power application. The gearbox is a set of components that include gear shift gears and power bars that can be transmitted from the engine to a load axle. The transmission is often used by the gearbox, which uses gears and a series of gears to provide speed and speed conversion from a rotating gear to another device.

گیربکس یا جعبه دنده جرثقیل  دارای چندین دنده برای کم کردن دور موتور استفاده می‌شود.


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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