insulated Conductor systems

An electric wiring harness made of aluminum or aluminum can be used as a 4 or 5 shaft.

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insulated Conductor systems

Electrical mains cranes are generally two categories:

  • Conductor Rail
  • Festoon Cable
    The electricity is provided by the cable system and the pulley system (SiRIL) along the length of the trench to a distance of 30-35 meters, which brings electricity from the main power plant to the main crane’s main switchgear.

In a hall with two or more cranes we can no longer use the thirty rails. In these cases, electric wires are used.

However, in the case of cross-sectional electricity, the same thirty rails are used. Transmission electrically, bringing electricity from the main electric taboo to the transverse crane motors.

To select the right power supply system, the following are required:

  • Type of crane
  • path length
  • Number of cranes and current requirements
  • Number of phases (including one additional item for the ground)
  • Power Feed location
  • System voltage
  • Temperature and cycle
  • Type of environment


Type of insulated Conductor systems

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first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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