radio remote control

The crane is one of the essential equipment in the cranes. Nowadays, crane hanger cranes, including overhead cranes, gates and other cranes, are rapidly replacing cranes with remote control devices.

Crane remote control devices have some advantages to mention:

  • Protecting the operator against damage from near-dangerous loads
  • Protection of crane equipments such as gearboxes, steering switches, cables and …
  • Better visibility due to being in good position relative to load
  • Possibility to change and service the command key without the need to stop the crane
  • Reducing material handling time due to better operator control
  • Eliminating the cost of switching keys and cables due to unwanted crashes
  • Eliminating the material and spiritual costs caused by the damage to the operators

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The company has the ability to install all types of remote control cranes, either normal or explosive.

The repair of all kinds of remote controls is in the company’s expertise. The remote control of the crane is repaired and serviced at the lowest cost as soon as possible. All remote controls that are left untagged or not repaired, such as saga-hbc-hetronic-tele crane, etc. are repaired.


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