Single overhead power line

A single-line electric conductor is made of aluminum or copper. Each phase is shifted to a separate line by one of the lines and the PVC is covered with 6 meters.

Hard Work is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of crane electrical components and other transmission systems. The products of this factory have international standards and are in accordance with the quality, application and function of the Wampfler electronics industry in Germany.

Product catalog

Single overhead power line

 W Type

This electric power supply is made in single-line and in amps 320, 520 and 800 in 4-meter parts. This high-quality power connector easily replaces the European electronics industry and can supply several lightweight cranes on a single line. In addition, it can be used because of its high strength in the heavy industry and steelmaking factories.

I Type 

This power supply is designed as a single line and in Amprage 200 continuously. Advantages of using this type of electrician are as follows:

Install vertically and horizontally and set it fast and easy

Mounting as arched lines in S-U-O and L types

No need for Expansion Joint due to automatic stretching

No sparking in line because of continuity


first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks

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